20 de dez. de 2013

International Water Association - Water Safety Plan

A SETRI passa a ser associada da IWA, com o objetivo de participar cada vez mais da divulgação e trabalhos com o tema PLANO DE SEGURANÇA DA ÁGUA (Water Safety Plan).

19 de dez. de 2013


Spike in cases sparks public health warning

A SUDDEN surge in legionella cases has triggered a SA Health warning for people to take care with potting mix as they freshen up the garden for Christmas.
There have been 12 cases of Legionella longbeachae notified to SA Health since the beginning of November, a marked increase from the usual two per month.
SA Health chief medical officer Professor Paddy Phillips said Legionella longbeachae are bacteria that can infect the lungs and cause pneumonia.
"As the weather warms up more and more people will be out and about in the garden, handling soil, fertilisers and compost, which are a common breeding grounds for Legionella longbeachae," Professor Phillips said.
"People can become infected when they breathe in the dust or the bacteria can spread from hand to mouth contact.
"Much like its relative Legionella pneumophila, which causes Legionnaires' Disease, Legionella longbeachae can cause pneumonia with symptoms including fever, cough, chest pain, breathlessness and diarrhoea.
"The current increase in cases is occurring mostly among people aged over 40 whose main risk factor for acquiring the disease is handling potting mix and compost.
"If you are handling garden mixes, such as potting mix, mulches, composts or other garden mixtures, there are a number of things you can do to minimise your exposure to the Legionella bacteria."
The include:
READ the warning labels on bagged mixes and follow the instructions
WEAR a face mask and gloves to reduce your risk of infection
OPEN bagged mixes in a well-ventilated space
AVOID inhaling airborne particles such as dusts or mists
AVOID hand-to-mouth contact
MOISTEN the garden mix to avoid inhaling airborne particles
ALWAYS wash your hands after using garden mixes, even if you wear gloves
In 2012 there were 23 cases of Legionella longbeachae infection notified to SA Health.
Antibiotic treatment may be prescribed by the treating medical practitioner. Some cases may require admission to hospital.

11 de dez. de 2013


A SETRI já está auxiliando várias empresas a terem seu Plano de Segurança da Água, conforme as orientações da Organização Mundial da Saúde e atendendo o requisito legal da Portaria 2914.
Maiores detalhes sobre o PSA que a SETRI desenvolveu para as Indústrias e Edificações, consulte nosso site:


4 de dez. de 2013