14 de jun. de 2011

Warwick IBM come clean

Published on Monday 13 June 2011 11:19
FOLLOWING a turbulent week at the Warwick IBM site, which was the centre of a Legionella scare, the water is now free from the bacteria.
From Thursday June 3 through to Wednesday June 8 all but the spine staff at the site were told to stay at home after traces of the dangerous Legionella bacteria, which can lead to Legionnaire’s Disease, were found in the water.
After a week of tests and collaboration with environmental health experts staff were allowed back on to the site.
An IBM spokesman said today: “The landlord and managing agents for the Warwick site have completed the remedial actions needed to the water supply system.
“We have received confirmation from Warwick District Council Environmental Health Department that the location is able to re open fully. Client service throughout has been uninterrupted.”
It is still not known how or why the bacteria came to get to dangerous levels in the water, although nobody is believed to have become infected.

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