28 de nov. de 2011

Caso de legionella no Japão - Hot spa

Man dies from Legionella bacteria in bath at Gunma hot spa inn

MAEBASHI -- A man in his 60s has died after being infected with Legionella bacteria in the bath of a hot spa inn in Gumna Prefecture, the prefectural government said.
The Gunma Prefectural Government concluded that the man had been infected with Legionella in the bath of the inn in Minakami after confirming that a bacteria gene type found in the man matched that from the bath water.
The prefectural government ordered the inn to suspend its business for four days from Nov. 25 as punishment for its insufficient sanitation standards.
After staying at the inn on Oct. 18, the man from Katano, Osaka Prefecture, showed symptoms such as a high fever and coughing. He was subsequently diagnosed with pneumonia caused by Legionella, and died on Nov. 6.
The prefectural government has detected Legionella bacteria about 1,800 times the upper limit set by the prefectural ordinance in the bath water.

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