30 de dez. de 2011

Legionnaires disease diagnosed in resident of Westernport, Md., senior housing complex

WESTERNPORT, Md. — Public health officials say one resident of a western Maryland senior-citizen apartment complex has been diagnosed with Legionnaires disease.
The Allegany County Health Department announced the confirmed case Wednesday at the Grandview Apartments in Westernport.
The agency says it's investigating the source of the Legionella bacteria. The germs are usually found in water sources.
Meanwhile, the agency recommends that Grandview residents reduce their contact with water sprays and mists, including showers. The agency also recommends that residents use bottled water or water that has been boiled for five minutes.
Legionnaires disease isn't contagious. Its symptoms resemble pneumonia, including high fever, chest pain and cough.
The agency says 139 cases of Legionnaires disease have been reported in Maryland this year.

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