22 de mai. de 2012

ASHRAE 188 Legionella SETRI

A SETRI realiza no Brasil Avaliação de Risco já com base na nova ASHRAE 188.
Utilizamos a mais de 3 anos o processo de Risk Assessment com base no processo HACCP.
Hoje o tema está sendo muito difundido nos Estados Unidos, já que a partir de sua publicação oficial em junho, será como uma lei.

"There is a new ASHRAE legionella standard rolling out this summer. ASHRAE Standard 188 will be the first U.S. risk management standard that establishes specific requirements for prevention of Legionnaires' disease associated with building water systems in all types of buildings. While there has not been much public attention about Legionnaires' disease in recent years, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Legionnaires disease cases have nearly tripled during the past ten years. To respond to this growing threat, ASHRAE will soon be issuing Standard 188; Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems. The new standard will require that Facility and Property Managers implement stronger safeguards through pro-active risk assessment and risk management."

Standard 188 requires that the risk assessment team include persons with knowledge of Legionella and HACCP. This will likely require seeking outside consultation with professionals.
The standard is not a government law, but will have the force of law. It is important for building owners and mangers to pay attention to this standard. From a legal standpoint, it is serious more serious if you do not comply with this standard. A single case of Legionnaires' can dramatically affect the bottom line of any organization."
JoAnn Church, president of BOMA

SETRI Brasil - Risk Assessment for Legionella control

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