7 de out. de 2013

Casos de Legionella um alerta

Casos como o reportado a seguir ocorre em todo o mundo. No Brasil casos existem e não são reportados, mas temos os mesmos problemas que existem em todo o mundo quando se fala de LEGIONELLA.

Spike in Legionellosis disease in Garden City

By: Scarlett Cvitanovich, | Latest Christchurch News | Monday October 7 2013 9:45

Christchurch may be pleasantly known as the Garden City, but the name isn't as rosy as it first appears.
There were eight reported cases of the potentially fatal Legionellosis disease in September, compared to just one in August.
Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey says the disease is more prevalent in the city because more people get out in their gardens.
"When we get into our gardens in the spring time we always see a spike in the number of people brought into hospital with Legionella pneumonia.
"And that's because they've caught it from their potting mix or their compost in their gardens."
Alistair Humphrey says people can avoid the disease by using precautions around potting mix, such as wearing a mask and washing their hands after use.
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