17 de abr. de 2015

Veteran dies from Legionnaires' bacteria

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – A 64-year-old man being treated at Bay Pines VA Hospital has died after testing positive for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' Disease.
However, hospital spokesman Jason Dangel said it's unclear if the man had the bacteria when he was admitted, or if he contracted the disease while he was there. Either way, Dangel said the hospital is conducting water tests to make sure there are no signs of the bacteria, which can be contracted when someone breathes in vapor containing the germs.
"Its symptoms can look a lot like the flu," said Maggie Hall of the Pinellas County Health Department. "You don't get it from person-to-person. You get it from inhaling aerosolized water."
Dangel said the hospital doesn't have any other confirmed cases of the disease, and has restricted the use of showers in the building where the victim was being treated. He also said the hospital does quarterly water tests for the bacteria, and the last one came back clean.
Test results related to this most recent incident are expected by Monday.

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