23 de jun. de 2009

LEGIONELLA - Novo caso

Bacteria Found in PoliceStation Water
Updated: Monday, 22 Jun 2009, 11:16 PM EDTPublished : Monday, 22 Jun 2009, 11:12 PM EDT
There may be a big problem with the water at the Madison Heights Police Department. They are still mourning the death of a fellow officer from the swine flu, but now there are concerns about some test results on the water.
Officer Ryan Settlemoir did die from the swine flu and underlying health conditions. However, FOX 2 is learning Legionnaires' disease may have played a role after high levels of the legionella bacteria were discovered in the water system at the department.
Members of the Madison Heights Police Department are being forced to drink bottled water and use portable toilets after tests just revealed the legionella bacteria in the water and the police station's heating and cooling system.

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