31 de mai. de 2011

Rail bosses are urged to come clean on legionella

31 May 2011
PASSENGER groups have called on rail bosses to be open and transparent with their customers after it emerged a third of toilet water tanks on trains running across the UK carry the potentially lethal legionella bug.
One in three of 150 train toilet systems tested positive for the bacteria which can cause Legionnaire’s Disease.
ScotRail found the bacteria in two out of 15 of its tanks. A programme of disinfection was carried out immediately.
The Herald revealed yesterday that the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) had known of the presence of the bug in the UK’s train fleet since April, when test results were sent to the organisation. Details only emerged after an email was leaked to this newspaper.
The results of further analysis were sent to ATOC in the past week.
Passengers will want to be assured that train companies and health authorities have investigated this issue

The email from ATOC to rail operators across the country, stated it would not proactively contact the media or publicise the discovery of the bugs.

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