24 de jul. de 2014

Forsyth County Health Officials Update Citizens on Legionnaires’ disease in a Winston-Salem Nursing Home

According to a press release from the Forsyth County Department of Public Health is continuing their work with the staff at Oak Forest Health and Rehabilitation and with state health officials in order to to investigate an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease among residents of the facility. Six cases of Legionella infection have been identified to date. All of affected residents are improving or have fully recovered.
legionellea bacteria
legionellea bacteria

As part of this investigation, environmental samples were taken from various locations within the Oak Forest facility. Testing of these samples identified low levels of Legionella bacteria.
In response to this outbreak and in consultation with the Forsyth County Department of Public Health and the North Carolina Division of Public Health, Oak Forest Health and Rehabilitation has complied with all recommended control measures to protect residents, visitors, and staff. No new Legionella infections have occurred in facility patients since control measures were instituted.
According to county officials Oak Forest Health and Rehabilitation has hired an environmental engineering firm to assist in remediation of their water system and to help eradicate Legionella bacteria from the facility. Remediation has included superheating, flushing, and hyperchlorination of the facility’s water system. To ensure the continued safety of residents, visitors, and staff, water restrictions will remain in place until Legionella bacteria are no longer identified at the facility through follow-up environmental testing.

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