17 de set. de 2014


Legionnaire's disease kills two in Spain: authorities

Two people have died and 20 others have fallen ill in an outbreak of the lung infection Legionnaire's disease in northeastern Spain, regional health authorities said Tuesday.
Twelve men and 10 women aged between 45 and 94 have contracted the disease since September 5 in the town of Sabadell, near Barcelona, the Catalonia regional health department said in a statement.
"Two of the patients, both of whom had risk factors and major previous pathologies, have died," it said late Tuesday, without further identifying the patients.
Of the others, 17 remained in hospital and three had been discharged, it said.
Legionnaire's disease is a lung infection caused by the legionella bacteria. It is not contagious but can multiply in water and air conditioning systems.
The health department said it had not detected the source of the outbreak but suspected it was close to places in Sabadell frequented by the patients.

2 people develop Legionellosis at Ocean City hotel

Econolodge Oceanblock closed to address water system

OCEAN CITY, Md. —Two people developed Legionellosis while on a trip to Ocean City, according to the Worcester County Health Department.
Health officials said the two people both stayed at the Econolodge Oceanblock on 145th Street. The hotel has informed past and current guests of the illnesses.
Water samples from the hotel were sent to a state lab. Health officials said water testing results showed that there were low levels of legionella bacteria present in the potable water system in the hotel. The hotel has voluntarily closed while it fixes of the water system.
According to the county Health Department, Legionellosis is a form of pneumonia caused by bacteria called Legionella pneumophila. Most cases occur as single cases and outbreaks are rare. The signs are the same as pneumonia: fever, cough, shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms such as chills and body aches.
The disease is spread by inhaling aerosols of water containing the legionella bacteria. It does not pass person to person. It is generally within two to five days of exposure to the bacteria that symptoms develop, although it may take as long as 14 days. Not everyone who is exposed to the bacteria will become ill. 

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