3 de set. de 2014

Legionella in the View of Specialists

The Project

The subject of this project is Legionella, a bacterium responsible for some respiratory illnesses. Legionnaires’ Disease is the most severe form of infection that is characterized by an atypical pneumonia. Legionella is an environmental hazard of great importance for public and environmental health that deserves attention from various fields.
This book was originally published in Portuguese in April 2014. After that we, from SETRI, and all authors started to work to translate the whole ebook that we present freely to anyone interested to read it.
This book was designed and published by SETRI that covers topics such as environmental law in Brazil, public health, risk assessment, environmental risk, microbiological analysis, clinical analysis, risk mitigation, risk prevention and ecological aspects of these bacteria, among other things. This book has the participation of several professionals and experts in different areas of work where Legionella is an issue of concern.
All texts in this book are of responsability of their authors:

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