14 de dez. de 2010

Australia preocupada com a Legionella no solo

What is being done to Prevent Legionnaires Disease?
Owners of commercial premises that have cooling towers, spa pools, or warm water systems (such as hospitals) are required by law to conduct regular maintenance of this equipment to reduce the risk of Legionella contamination. This includes regular cleaning and disinfection to prevent Legionella growth.
Suppliers of gardening soils both bagged and bulk forms are also required to ensure their customers are aware of the safe handling of potting mixes and gardening soils prior to use. Warnings should be displayed on bags and where bulk products are sold.

How can I Minimise my risk of getting a Legionella Infection around the Home?
There are a few simple things you can do around the home to avoid or prevent conditions that allow Legionella to grow to high levels.
When using Potting Mixes and Gardening Soils
Potting mixes, composts, mulches, soil conditioners and gardening soils can be harmful to your health if you do not take some simple precautions. This includes bagged material and soils purchased in bulk form (e.g. trailer load of mulch).
Simple precautions should be followed when handling such materials:
1. Always wear gloves
2. Wear a face mask to help avoid inhaling aerosols
3. Open bagged material with care to avoid inhaling aerosols
4. Keep the mix damp while in use
5. Wash your hands thoroughly after use
6. Store potting mix in a cool place, out of the sun

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