9 de out. de 2014

Potentially deadly bacteria found in Tucson hospital - LEGIONELLA

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -
Several sites at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System have tested positive for Legionella, a bacteria that can cause a type of pneumonia.
Assistant Chief of Medicine, Ray Kacich, M.D., says the facility tested 120 points on September 22nd and 23rd and 9 tested positive for the bacteria. Sites can include individual hot and cold tap.
The positive tests happened in two buildings that house patients.
The facility has flushed out the water system with hot water to try and reduce the presence of Legionella to a safe level. A second round of tests will be conducted later this week and sent to a lab.
“Anybody who would have symptoms, of course, we would treat with the same awareness last week, but we don't have any sign of a clinical problem,” says Kacich.
The Pima County Health Department was not immediately aware of the positive Legionella tests because they do not monitor federal health facilities.
The VA says it conducts water tests every three months. Tucson News Now reached out to other hospitals to find out how often they test. The University of Arizona Medical Center says it tests once a month.
Tucson Medical Center says it tests for various contamination on varying schedules to meet or exceed ADEQ standards.

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