7 de out. de 2014

Resumo casos de Legionella

Eight Deaths in Spain. More than 40 cases of Legionnaires' disease were identified in September in the Spanish towns of Sabadell and Ripollet, located only about 10 kilometers (6 miles) apart, near Barcelona. Eight of the patients have died. Health officials, believing the cases are part of two separate outbreaks, said the source of the Ripollet outbreak has not been established but the source of the Sabadell outbreak is likely a particular company's cooling tower. According to news reports, if the cooling tower is confirmed  to be the source of the Sabadell outbreak and is not in compliance with every cleaning and maintenance regulation, the company could be fined up to 600,000 Euros (US$751,000). No new cases have been identified since late September.

Cooling Towers Investigated in German Outbreak. Cooling towers at a power plant, research center, and metalworking and plastics plants are under investigation as possible sources of 60 suspected and 23 confirmed cases of Legionnaires' disease identified in the German town of Juelich in August and September. Two of the patients have died.

Hotel Reported as Common Link Among Travelers to a Softball Tournament. The Alabama Department of Public Health launched an outbreak investigation after receiving phone calls about illness in several children and adults who had traveled to a softball tournament in early to mid July. Among the group of 40 who traveled to the event, 16 reported symptoms of fever, cough, nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting, three of whom tested positive for Legionella and were hospitalized. The state health department said a hotel in Elmore County was the common link among the three who tested positive for Legionella.

Four Cases in Grimsby (UK). Four people diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease in late July had all been in the area around Freeman Street in Grimsby in the days before onset of illness. As of early August news reports, no common source had been identified and all four patients were recovering.

Three Guests of a Hotel in California. Three people who had stayed at a hotel in Ukiah, CA were hospitalized with Legionnaires' disease in early August. County health officials suspected the hotel's water systems were the source.

Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Legionnaires' disease has been reported among hotel guests in Ocean City, Maryland yet again, this time in two people who stayed at the same hotel this summar. Both guests recovered after seeking treatment elsewhere in Maryland.

Another North Carolina Nursing Home. The last issue of Legionella Enews included reports of outbreaks at three nursing homes in North Carolina, two in Wilson County and one in Forsyth County, that occurred in June and July. At another North Carolina nursing home, in Hoke County, Legionnaires' disease has been reported in three residents. The first case was diagnosed on August 28th and the other two after all the residents were tested for Legionella.

VA Facility Near Orlando. Three veterans receiving care at a new VA health facility in Lake Nona, Florida were diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease in July. One has since died.

North Carolina Health Facility. In late September, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported that Legionnaires' disease had been diagnosed in two patients of a 327-bed facility for intellectual and developmental disabilities. The second case was identified after the first case prompted increased patient surveillance. The facility suspended admissions and restricted visitation while investigating and remediating the water systems. As of September 26th, one patient had recovered and the other was still receiving treatment. 

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