20 de out. de 2014

Protect against Legionella in the garden

The lung infection legionellosis has been linked to the occurrence of the bacteria Legionella Longbeachae found in some garden soils, potting mix or composts containing the bacteria.
The bacteria enter the lungs by the inhalation of airborne droplets or particles from soils, potting mixes and composts. Those most at risk include smokers, the elderly and those with existing respiratory illnesses and weakened immune systems.
There are some very simple measures gardeners can practise to prevent exposure to legionella bacteria when handling potting mix and other compost materials, such as:
-Wet down the potting mix to reduce the dust.
-Store potting mix in a cool area away from direct sunlight.
-Wear gloves when using potting mix.
-Wash your hands after handling potting mix or soil, and before eating, drinking or smoking.
-Water gardens and indoor plants using a gentle spray.
-Read the warning label on bagged composts or potting mix.
-Wear a P2 dust mask so that any dust is filtered out before you can breathe it in.
-Open bags of soil products slowly, away from the face.
-Make sure the working area (glasshouse, potting shed) is well ventilated.
-See a doctor if you develop a flu-like illness which is worsening.

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