2 de jul. de 2012

5000 breathed in deadly legionella bug

THE NHS has launched a new probe into the hidden victims of the Capital’s legionnaires’ outbreak as it emerged an estimated 5000 people breathed in the potentially deadly bug.

Two people have died and another 94 have been struck down by confirmed or suspected cases of legionnaires’ disease, but one expert today warned that figure was likely to be only the “tip of the iceberg” as hundreds more may have suffered symptoms after becoming infected.
With health chiefs confident that the outbreak is under control, they are now turning their attention to initiating a huge retrospective investigation in an attempt to discover the full scale of infection in communities.
But they have come under fire from people who have suffered with legionellosis infections, who said the risk of developing milder symptoms was not publicised well enough as the crisis unfolded.
Elaine Walker, of Murray- field, has been told by her doctor that she has been ill with Pontiac fever – an illness caused by the legionella bug.
“The public are being misled as to the numbers of people affected,” she said. “I personally know five people who have had Pontiac fever and I know of another ten.”

fonte: NewsScotsman

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