18 de jul de 2014

Legionella Found at UPMC Hospital

PITTSBURGH - A Pennsylvania hospital moved 11 patients from a unit yesterday when Legionella bacteria was found in several sinks. A UPMC spokesperson says infection control staff identified the contamination on the 10D unit in UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.
The health system says there are no confirmed cases of Legionella infections on the pulmonary medicine unit where the bacteria was found. UPMC  says it's following normal Legionella monitoring and prevention protocols and expects the unit to reopen after remediation measures are taken.
According to a statement from UPMC, "it is not uncommon for Legionella bacteria to appear in water sources in hospitals or any other facility. That's why we continuously follow rigorous monitoring and prevention measures to ensure the safety of our patients. "
Legionella bacteria can cause a severe form of pneumonia.

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