12 de ago de 2009

Legionella - Mais casos sendo reportados

Train wash may be connected to Legionnaires' death

CHICAGO — A Chicago Train Authority (CTA) employee has died from complications of Legionnaires' Disease after working with another CTA electrician on a train washing machine, according to CBS2.
The Aug. 11 story said the worker contracted the disease two weeks ago. He had been working on a train washing equipment when a blast of stagnant water struck him in the nose, mouth and face. The next day he became very ill with an extremely high fever.

The Legionella bacteria occurs naturally in the environment but can increase with warm re-circulating water, such as cooling towers. Symptoms include headaches, fever, chills, coughs and muscle aches and pains.

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Mauro disse...

não sabia que até ém algo como um lava rápido corremos riscos IMPRESSIONANTE, obrigado pela notica