17 de ago de 2009

Starbucks - Plano certificação LEED

A Starbucks anunciou que a partir de 2010, as novas lojas serão certificadas LEED. Abaixo o comunicado geral (Esperamos que no Brasil eles sigam tambem).

" Starbucks Coffee has announced that starting in 2010 it will seek LEED certification for all of its new company-owned stores. The company has set aggressive goals for those stores, including deriving 50% of their energy from alternative sources and reducing overall store energy consumption by 25 percent.
The company, the world’s largest roaster of coffee, has already opened three stores this year that showcase the approaches they will take to meet those goals — two in Seattle and one in Paris. All three stores are registered to be LEED-certified.
At the Paris store, which is located in the Walt Disney Resort there, fixtures are made with repurposed local materials such as wine barrels and champagne racks. The store reduces its heating costs with a unique natural convection-exhaust system and a titanium-paneled exhaust tower. Starbucks even gives its used coffee grounds to Disney for use as compost.
According to Starbucks’ 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report, the typical Starbucks store uses:
6.80 kilowatt-hours of electricity per square foot per month (up from 6.78 in 2007
0.054 therms of natural gas per square foot per month (down from 0.058 in 2007)
24 gallons of water per square foot per month (down from 25 in 2007)"

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Anônimo disse...

quem sabe o brasil não seja esquecido pois iniciativas assim devem ser em todo local onde eles ganham dinheiro